Rep. Olsen Returns to Former Middle School to Speak to Social Studies Students

This week Representative David Olsen returned to his former middle school, O’Neill Middle School in Downers Grove, and spent the day talking with 8th grade social studies students from Mr. Jones’ and Mrs. Brost’s classes. Olsen attended the school from 2001-2003 and was a student in Mrs. Brost’s class. “I really enjoyed returning to my former middle school and connecting with the students,” said Olsen, who spoke to six different classes throughout the day. “Talking to this next generation of leaders was really energizing.”

Olsen spoke to the students about his path to the Illinois General Assembly, his role as the representative voice of 108,000 people from DuPage and Will Counties, and the importance of doing well in school so that a variety of options are available upon high school graduation. “I wanted these students to know that any dream is possible; that I was once just like them. I used to sit in the same classrooms they sit in today.”

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