Olsen Responds to Passage of Comprehensive Energy Bill

Today in Springfield the House of Representatives approved a comprehensive energy bill that will allow nuclear energy plants in Clinton and in the Quad Cities to remain online, but at a steep cost for rate payers. In response to the 63-38 vote in the House, State Representative David S. Olsen (R-Downers Grove) has issued the following statement:

“I am disappointed with the passage of the energy bill today. I have concerns with any policy initiative that actively chooses winners and losers. Rather than creating more regulations, we should be reducing regulations so that the electricity market can work and we can benefit from lower rates in a truly market-driven system.”

“While renewable energy, energy costs and accessibility are important issues that are worthy of our time, I am troubled that this issue has been the major focal point of our fall veto session. Our stopgap budget expires in just four weeks and we still do not have a budget. Our time this week should have focused on finding a compromise to address Illinois’ most pressing issue - the lack of a budget.”

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