As bills begin to move through the legislative process in Springfield, this week three bills for which I served as Chief Co-Sponsor were approved and sent over to the Senate for consideration.

HB 373 amends the Illinois Local Library Act by requiring library boards of trustees to submit their financial documents that relate to their annual levy to the governing board of the local municipality no less than 60 days prior to when the tax levy is certified. Today’s law calls for that documentation to be delivered less than 60 days after the expiration of the fiscal year. This legislation is an initiative of village public libraries, and will improve public disclosure of anticipated library tax levies by moving the disclosure date closer to when a levy must actually be approved.

The two other bills relate to the upcoming 200th anniversary of the State of Illinois and the recognition of key dates in our state’s history. HB 434 designates August 26 of every year as “Illinois Constitution Day” in Illinois. The date commemorates August 26, 1818 as the day Illinois ratified its first State Constitution.

HB 489 designates December 3 of each year as “Illinois Statehood Day”, in recognition of Illinois becoming the 21st state to join the Union on December 3, 1818. Every year within 10 days of Statehood Day, the Governor will be directed to issue a proclamation announcing the recognition of Statehood Day.

Next week I will begin presenting my own bills at the committee level.

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