Rep. Olsen Reacts to Senate Passage of Budget Package

Yesterday at the Capitol, Democrat State Senators approved a budget package that increases revenue by $5.4 billion. The bills were approved strictly along party lines. In response to the Senate approval of SB06, SB09 and SB42, State Representative David S. Olsen has issued the following statement:

“The budget bills that were approved in the Senate yesterday are not the result of bipartisan compromise. They represent a continuation of the status quo.”

“Every legislator, regardless of party affiliation, wants to end the budget stalemate and approve a budget package that addresses our State’s needs. But I fear that simply increasing revenue through tax hikes, without pairing those increases with much-needed reforms that grow jobs and improve our Illinois economy, will only drive more people out of Illinois. I would have preferred to see a true compromise where Republicans and Democrats met in the middle to resolve their differences.”

“Taxpayers simply cannot afford to take on an additional tax burden without also receiving some tax relief in other areas. I look forward to continuing the budget conversations in the House with hopes that a more reasonable budget package can be achieved.”

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