Rep. Olsen Reacts to Lack of Progress on School Funding

Members of the House of Representatives left Springfield on Wednesday with no agreed path forward for funding Illinois’ 852 school districts for the 2017-2018 school year. Upon adjournment for the day, State Representative David S. Olsen issued the following statement:

“The political posturing that took place in Springfield today was in no one’s best interest, especially the families that are counting on us to do our jobs and fund their kids’ schools. We spent time on political theatre and on fake votes, but the truth is, both SB 1 and the Governor’s amendatory veto changes are both dead. Neither SB 1 nor the amendatory veto have the supermajority support needed to pass in the General Assembly. The ultimate school funding solution will be contained in a different piece of negotiated legislation.”

“The four legislative leaders are meeting on Friday to discuss a possible compromise that will allow state aid to flow to schools without further delay. The only real solution involves true compromise, and I am encouraged to know that the leaders are returning to the negotiation table. I hope their discussions bring agreement on a school funding plan that is fair and equitable for all K-12 students in Illinois.”

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