Rep. Olsen’s Property Tax Event in Downers Grove Draws Large Crowd

On Saturday nearly 100 taxpayers from the 81st Legislative House District attended a free property tax forum in Downers Grove that was sponsored by State Representative David S. Olsen (R-Downers Grove) Those in attendance learned about the property tax assessment process and how to challenge an assessment that is believed to be inaccurate.

Olsen was joined at the event by Downers Grove Township Assessor Greg Boltz, Lisle Township Assessor John Trowbridge and DuPage Township Assessor Jean Kelly. Together they spoke to residents about the process that ties the value of a home to the eventual tax bill that arrives in an owner’s mailbox. They also spoke about exemptions and freezes that could lower tax bills in certain circumstances, and outlined the steps required for appealing an assessment. A question and answer session was also a part of the two-hour event.

“It was a pleasure to partner with these local experts for this successful forum,” said Olsen. “The procedure utilized to create assessments and tax bills can be tedious and confusing, and I was pleased to offer a program where people could learn about the process and have their questions answered.”

“I was pleased to share relevant information about the assessment and appeal process,” said Boltz. “As assessors, our goal is to treat all property owners fairly. Residents should feel free to reach out to our offices with questions or concerns if they feel their assessment is inaccurate.”

Click here to view the presentation slides that were used during the forum, which includes contact information for all three assessors.

“The assessors did an excellent job of taking highly technical information and explaining it in a way that was easy to understand,” Olsen said. “All those who attended the forum also had an opportunity to speak with their specific assessor about their individual questions. The feedback I received after the event was very positive. It’s definitely an event that I will plan to host again next year.”

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