Olsen Seeks to Improve Government Operations and Transparency through Bill Filings

In an effort to improve government operations and transparency in Illinois, State Representative David S. Olsen (R-Downers Grove) has filed six “good government” bills that make government operations more efficient and provide greater transparency on how tax dollars are collected and spent.

“The government belongs to the people, so we should be doing whatever we can to make our operations as efficient and transparent as possible,” said Olsen. “These bills should go far in accomplishing those goals.”

Government improvement and transparency bills included in Olsen’s 2018 agenda include:
  • HB 4269: Requires gas purchase receipts to include the pre-tax sale price of a gallon of gas and also an itemized list of any local, state or federal taxes imposed on the gasoline.
  • HB 4866: Creates consistency in the voting process by limiting the need for election authorities to redraw precincts and change polling places. 
  • HB 4867: Requires disclosure and notification when an adult with disabilities is assigned a guardian who is serving as guardian over more than five adults. 
  • HB 5031: Removes a duplicative reporting requirement between state agencies and human service providers. 
  • HB 5165: Clarifies that the Human Rights Act applies to local governments. 
  • HB 5170: Updates various terms within the Illinois School Code and repeals an outdated provision that prohibits a regional superintendent from working in another profession. 
Olsen’s government improvement and transparency bills are part of a comprehensive agenda which includes 22 House Bills and four House Resolutions. You can follow Olsen’s legislation at this link.

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