Rep. David S. Olsen Named to Bipartisan Firearm Public Awareness Task Force

State Representative David S. Olsen (R-Downers Grove) has been chosen to serve on a bipartisan Firearm Public Awareness Task Force. The panel, which previously assembled during the 97th General Assembly to study concealed carry issues, has now been reactivated to study the escalation of gun violence in Illinois.

Specifically, the 22-member task force is assigned to gather data and study:
  • The previous report compiled by the Firearm Public Awareness Task Force on concealed carry issues 
  • Shootings in Illinois by region and what might be contributing to more shootings in one area of the State compared to others 
  • Gun dealers and gun sales that may have led to illegal usage or straw purchases, including the number of guns and ammunition sold and any registry concerning ammunition purchases 
  • The transportation of firearms, especially newly manufactured firearms as they are transported through Illinois (including the study of the repeated gun thefts at the Norfolk Southern Rail Yard) 
  • Mental health laws and treatments for those individuals who have access to firearms 
  • Current laws on handguns and rifles and states with best practices 
“I supported the recreation of this task force when it was brought to the floor of the House for a vote last week, and I am pleased to be asked to serve,” said Olsen. “As one of ten lawmakers on this bipartisan panel, I look forward to our work, with hopes that we can develop solid recommendations to decrease gun violence throughout our state.”

In addition to their specific areas of study, members of the task force will hold public hearings to gather public input, and will issue a written report of its findings and recommendation to the General Assembly prior to the conclusion of the 100th General Assembly in January of 2019.

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