Taxpayer Protection Initiatives Top Rep. David S. Olsen’s 2018 Legislative Agenda

As bills begin moving through the committee process in Springfield, State Representative David S. Olsen (R-Downers Grove) is hoping to garner support for nine bills that aim to protect taxpayers in Illinois.

“The people of Illinois pay some of the highest taxes and fees in the nation,” said Olsen. “As the lawmaker for the 81st District, much of my 2018 agenda is focused providing Illinoisans with some much-needed relief.”

Olsen’s taxpayer protection bills for 2018 include:
  • HB 4695, HB 5732, HB 5733: Increases the senior citizens homestead exemption to $8,000 statewide (currently the exemption is $8,000 in Cook County and $5,000 in all other counties). It also increases the maximum reduction under the general homestead exemption to $10,000 statewide (currently the exemption is $10,000 in Cook County and $6,000 in all other counties). 
  • HB 4696: Eliminates sales taxes on prescription medication. 
  • HB 5501: Eliminates pensions for part-time municipal employees by requiring a minimum of 1,500 work hours per year to become pension-eligible through the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund. 
  • HB 4868: Clarifies that expense reimbursements, expense allowances, or fringe benefits are not considered pensionable income in the Teachers Retirement System. 
  • HB 4270: Reduces frivolous lawsuits against people and organizations engaging in charitable work, by removing civil damages liability for those working at free medical clinics. 
  • HB 4780: Reduces the fee retired law enforcement officers must pay for concealed carry permits to align with the fee paid by the general public for a concealed carry permit. 
  • HB 4805: Reduces the cost of the surety bond needed to become a notary public by modernizing the required bond coverage. 
In addition to the above bills, Olsen is collaborating with colleagues from both political parties as a co-sponsor for several other money-saving bills. Olsen’s taxpayer protection bills are part of a comprehensive agenda which includes 22 House Bills and four House Resolutions. You can follow Olsen’s legislation at this link.

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