Rep. Olsen Joins House Republican Leader Durkin in Opposing Progressive Income Tax Proposals

State Representative David S. Olsen (R-Downers Grove) joined House Republican Leader Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs) today in filing HR 975, a measure that opposes progressive income tax legislation currently pending in the General Assembly. Olsen is a Chief Co-Sponsor of the resolution.

“The General Assembly cannot continue spending money frivolously and expect Illinois taxpayers to pick up the tab with more tax increases like this progressive income tax proposal from the Democrat Party,” said Durkin. “It is our constitutional duty to protect our constituents, and we will remain firm as a caucus on blocking any progressive tax measures.”

Olsen echoed Durkin’s remarks, and added, “These progressive income tax proposals would raise taxes for most Illinoisans, including the vast majority of people living in the 81st District. The people I represent simply cannot afford to pay more taxes.”

According to Olsen, a recent WalletHub study showed that Illinois already has the highest effective state and local tax burden in the nation. “Quite honestly, the leadership of this state cannot be trusted to fairly implement a progressive tax system,” Olsen said. “We have seen over the last few decades that the state will not control spending. By implementing a progressive income tax, we would be driving our higher income earners out of Illinois and saddling middle class families with a huge tax increase, all without any spending controls whatsoever.”

There are currently two progressive income tax proposals pending in the Senate and one proposal pending in the House.

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