Rep. David S. Olsen Passes Bill that Expedites Consolidation Procedures for Mosquito Districts

State Representative David S. Olsen (R-Downers Grove) achieved House approval of legislation that eases the process through which Mosquito Abatement Districts may be dissolved in Illinois with a strong bipartisan vote of 101-1.

SB 2543 allows mosquito abatement district boards, by a majority vote, to consolidate the abatement district into a municipality, township or county with agreement by the entity that would assume the mosquito abatement responsibilities. “With more than 7,000 individual units of government in our state, Illinois must look at ways to consolidate taxing districts so taxpayers can achieve tax relief,” said Olsen. “This is one small step that could generate some savings on tax bills.”

DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin, a leading advocate for consolidation, applauded the passage of the bill and said, “Senate Bill 2543 provides a useful tool to local governments to dissolve mosquito abatement districts statewide,” Cronin said. “Under the legislation, a township, county, or municipality, by a majority vote of both governing boards, can absorb the duties of a mosquito abatement district in order to streamline the delivery of services and save taxpayers’ money. I would like to express my thanks to our bi-partisan team of sponsors, Representative David Olsen and Senator Tom Cullerton, who spearheaded this effort.”

Under current law, mosquito abatement districts can only be dissolved through a lengthy process of petition, hearing and referendum. There is no existing procedure for an abatement board to make a consolidation decision. “The provisions of SB 2543 provide a more expedient process for consolidation than what is currently available,” Olsen said. “I have assembled a long list of bipartisan co-sponsors who agree that we must eliminate bureaucratic barriers that impede consolidation.”

With passage of the bill in the Senate and House, SB 2543 now moves to Governor Bruce Rauner for his signature.

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