Rep. David S. Olsen Sends Two Bills to Governor Bruce Rauner for Final Action

Two bills sponsored by State Representative David S. Olsen (R-Downers Grove) are on their way to Governor Bruce Rauner this week after successfully clearing the Illinois House and Senate with broad, bipartisan support.

HB 4805 is a pro-business bill that reduces costs to specific Illinois businesses, and protects consumers who use money transmitting services like Western Union and PayPal. “This bill brings the Surety Bond requirement for money transmitters more in line with the actual costs associated with risk,” said Olsen. “Whereas today the minimum bond requirement for those who use money transmitting services is $100,000, my legislation reduces that bond amount to the greater of $50,000 or 1% of all Illinois-based money transmission activity. The result will be cost savings for existing businesses and lower costs for new companies who would like to do business in Illinois.”

HB 4867 adds a new layer about transparency to the caseloads of guardians of adults with disabilities, by requiring potential guardians to disclose to the court the number of adults with disabilities over which the potential guardian is currently appointed. The new provision would also apply to those who wish to be appointed as guardian of the estate of an adult with disabilities. If the court determines that an individual is appointed guardian over more than five adults with disabilities, the court would be required to notify the Guardianship and Advocacy Commission within one week. The Guardianship and Advocacy Commission would then maintain a list of all notifications it receives for reference by other agencies, units of government, and the public. “This is good transparency legislation that ensures our vulnerable citizens are receiving proper services from their court-appointed guardians,” Olsen said.

Both bills were approved by the House in April and by the Senate on May 17. They are expected to be signed by Governor Rauner in the coming weeks.

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