Rep. David S. Olsen Sponsors Legislation Declaring Domestic Violence a Public Health Priority

State Representative David S. Olsen (R-Downers Grove) is sponsoring legislation in the Illinois House that declares domestic violence a public health priority for the State and urges lawmakers to channel adequate resources toward combating this epidemic.

SJR 50, which has a long list of bipartisan co-sponsors including Rep. Deb Conroy (D-Villa Park) and Rep. Christine Winger (R-Wood Dale), was approved in the Senate on May 10 and arrived in the House the same day. Olsen expects approval of the measure in the coming days.

“Research tells us that one in three women in the United States experiences domestic violence at some point in their life,” said Olsen. “That translates to 1.67 million women in Illinois who experience domestic violence at least once. It’s entirely unacceptable.”

According to Olsen, Illinois’ Coalition Against Domestic Violence funds approximately 50 agencies throughout the state. The Coalition recently reported that services were provided to 41,243 adults who were accompanied by approximately 8,000 children in 2017. In DuPage County, where Family Shelter Service assists families fleeing domestic violence situations, in 2017 they provided services to 1,355 adults and 222 children. County crime statistics indicate five DuPage County women were murdered through acts of domestic violence in 2017.

Judie Caribeaux, Executive Director of Family Shelter Service, applauded Olsen for carrying SJR 50 and said he has been a champion in DuPage County on the issue of domestic violence. 

“Representative Olsen is a committed public servant who wants to ensure our communities are safe and free from violence,” Caribeaux said. “He has a deep understanding that those who experience domestic violence experience a life-long impact to their physical health, mental well-being and an ability to thrive.”

Olsen, who serves on the Family Shelter Service Advisory Council, said the resolution should heighten awareness of an issue that is too often considered taboo. “The statistics reported across the state and right here in DuPage County are startling, and indicate that more must be done to address violence in people’s homes,” said Olsen. “The effects of domestic violence do not end with the abuse itself,” Olsen said. “Studies have shown that children who have been exposed to this type of violence often experience post-traumatic stress disorder and other illnesses. They also are at a greater risk of finding themselves in abusive relationships later in life. This is an issue that is very important to me and it is an honor to carry this resolution in the House.”

Click here to watch Olsen’s floor comments as he introduces the resolution and applauds Caribeaux for the valuable work she does in DuPage County.

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