Rep. Olsen Stands with Middle Class Taxpayers and Opposes Progressive Tax Resolution

State Representative David S. Olsen (R-Downers Grove) stood with Illinois’ middle class taxpayers on Tuesday by opposing HR 1025, which expresses support for the implementation of a progressive or graduated income tax system in Illinois.

“My priority is fighting for the middle class and standing up for the people of the 81st District whom I was elected to represent,” said Olsen. “The middle class cannot afford another massive tax increase like this progressive tax would impose on them.”

The resolution floated by House Democrats did not include proposed tax rates. The resolution sponsor suggested that the General Assembly should be trusted to set necessary rates. “This resolution takes us in the wrong direction,” added Olsen. “It seeks to raise taxes without any consideration of fundamental reforms to state government that will encourage people and businesses to stay here, and new businesses to choose Illinois.”

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