Representative David S. Olsen Receives Unanimous Support of School Administrative Cost Transparency Bill

State Representative David S. Olsen (R-Downers Grove) is seeking to add a new layer of transparency regarding administrative costs for public school districts. This week Olsen’s colleagues voted 113-0 in support of his effort.

“School district taxes are the largest portion of every Illinoisan’s tax bill,” said Olsen. “Taxpayers deserve access to the most accurate information possible on how their money is being spent, and that includes the administrative costs. My SB 3236 requires ‘school report cards’ to contain the most current data collected relative to a school district’s administrative costs.”

According to Olsen, current law requires ISBE to prepare by October 31 of each year a school district report card for each of the state’s public school districts. Current data must include student and workforce demographics, financial and curriculum information and other data such as average class size, a breakdown of students’ racial and ethnic backgrounds, percentage of low-income, special education and limited English proficiency students, operating expenditures, per-pupil state pension contributions and various other data.

SB 3236 received unanimous support in the Senate in March. It now moves to Governor Bruce Rauner’s desk for his signature.

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