Rep. David S. Olsen Earns High Marks on 2018 Scorecard by Illinois Technology & Manufacturing Association

State Representative David S. Olsen was recognized on Monday for his 2018 votes on bills that affect the manufacturing industry and overall economy in Illinois.

“The manufacturing industry provides critical jobs to Illinoisans, and as lawmakers we need to do everything we can to ease the regulatory burdens that have been driving these businesses out of our state,” said Olsen. “It’s an honor to be recognized for my voting record in this area, and I will continue to stand up for these job creators as bills move through the legislative process in Springfield.”

This year legislators were scored on their votes on 10 pieces of legislation that impacted the manufacturing sector, and those earning a score of 70 or higher were recognized. Only 39 members of the House of Representatives earned recognition this year.

TMA President Steven Rauschenberger applauded Olsen for his voting record, and said that Olsen has proven himself to be a champion for the manufacturing industry. "Representative Olson has demonstrated an understanding of issues that matter to job retention and creation of new high wage opportunities. Illinois needs more legislators like Olson who care about the impact of the legislation they vote on."

The Technology and Manufacturing Association assists Illinois’ $100 billion manufacturing sector through advice, education, and other programs and also advocates for legislation to help the industry succeed in Illinois. Close to 20,000 manufacturing firms provide over half a million jobs statewide in Illinois. Click here to view a list of the legislation included on the scorecard and a full ranking of every Illinois State Representative and Senator.

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